The Lodge at West 1077

Relax. Venture. Recharge. You’ll find everything right here.

In addition to finding yourself surrounded by the boundless beauty of nature, you’ll discover that you’ve found the best place to be based for your Texas Hill Country vacation. We offer all the comfort you need for a relaxing stay, plenty of activities for the adventurer in you and – most importantly – all the space you need to recharge your batteries.

The Lodge

Make lasting memories and good friends at our newly refurbished, old-world-style, cowboy lodge, which is always open for your use. Gather round, enjoy the open fireplace, watch TV, play games or simply sit on a rocking chair on the porch. Sunrise and sunset are unmissable at West 1077, as are the night skies with minimal light pollution and maximum pleasure.

Have a hearty appetite? No worries. A made from scratch variety breakfast is available at the lodge. We can’t say our meals are calorie-free, but when it’s this high in quality and taste, it should be guilt-free! Go ahead and indulge, you’ll work it off on the trails. We do not have a liquor license, but you are welcome to BYOB to enjoy in our bar area while you shoot some pool. There is also an ice machine available for your convenience.

What about other meals?

We do not serve lunch or dinner at West 1077 (meals for groups on request). This gives our guests the chance to enjoy their activities or explore the nearby area attractions at their leisure. We find that our guests appreciate the fact that they don’t have to be back at a set time or miss a meal they’ve paid for in advance.

However, we offer plenty of alternatives. Bandera is just 10 miles away and there is quite a selection of restaurants to choose. But if you prefer to stay at the ranch, you are welcome to use the microwave in the lodge or grill outside. All cabins have a refrigerator where you can keep any food or drinks you bring along.

The Pool

Experience the splendor and peaceful tranquility of our refreshing, cool waters as you bask in the comfort of our clean pool. You can also catch up with your long awaited tan, toasting warmly under the Texas sun while you rest on our comfortable sunbathing chairs or read a thrilling novel. Whatever you choose to do, relaxation is what you will find!

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